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About Us


The idea behind JewelOnFire originated from jewelry manufacturers who have more than 50 years of experience in the business. They saw over and over how jewelry stores would mark up the cost of diamonds and other jewelry exponentially—up to 500%—often leaving many potential customers unable to buy pieces for themselves or as gifts.

At JewelOnFire, we believe there’s no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the glamour of genuine diamond and gemstone jewelry. We believe there’s no reason for the middleman. We believe there’s no reason anyone can’t safely buy high-quality jewelry online, and we’re here to disrupt the industry with a marketplace that makes these products accessible to the masses.

No more price gouging. No more judging looks or high-pressure pitches from store clerks. Buy directly from jewelry craftsmen and manufacturers, from the comfort of home. The future of fine jewelry shopping starts now, with JewelOnFire.


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